Where are you located?

Yes. We have office in Melbourne, Australia and New Delhi, India

How much does it cost to create a website?

We are providing professional website from just $49. The cost of a website will depend on various factors. Some considerations include, how many pages are required, the complexity of the features you would like to include on the website and how many design mockups you would like to see.

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Yes, all our websites are optimised on all devices. This means that your website will look beautiful on any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. We make sure we use the best responsive techniques and practices so user experience is seamless, no matter what.

How much does it cost to make an app?

This completely depends on the app. A range of factors affect the time it takes to develop an app and therefor the cost. Factors such as the complexity, platforms supported and the level of polish, all affect the app development cost. On average, most of the apps we develop cost in the range of AUD$1,000 – AUD$10,000.

Do you provide hosting and maintenance after the website goes live?

Yes, we offer affordable hosting packages for different requirements. Our representatives can recommend you the best choice based on your needs. We also have maintenance packages you can elect to take, for 3 and 6 month terms. Our maintenance packages cover plugin updates, security updates, performance monitoring and analytics.

How do I get a quote from Agilent Software?

The first step is a no-obligation chat or discovery call with one of our strategy team. In this conversation we determine if your project is achievable within your budget and if it is a good fit for Agilent Software. If so, we then move into the app strategy and prototyping phase. This begins with an App Strategy Workshop where we help you fine-tune your concept and roadmap the project. Only by deep-diving into the specific details of the app are we able to estimate the app development cost.

How long does it take to develop an app?

This also depends on the app. A simple app might take 4-6 weeks, while a complex game might take years. On average, most of the apps we develop take between 10 and 20 weeks.

Does app development cost more for an app that works on iPhone and Android phones?

This used to be the case but not any more. iPhones and Android devices use different operating systems and apps written in different languages (Objective C and Java respectively). An app that needs to support both platforms must be written in both languages. This used to effectively mean double the app development cost and time. That was until React Native came along. Unlike other cross-platform frameworks, React Native writes completely native code for both iOS and Android. This means apps written with React Native perform exactly the same as native apps but share a single source code base. For this reason some of the world’s biggest tech companies like Facebook and AirBnb use React Native for their mobile platforms. Agilent Software recommends React Native for almost all apps we build.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that can start a chat or conversation with a human user in natural language via websites, messaging applications, mobile apps, or the telephone. They are often used to boost customer experience and save the time of customer care support agents.

What is the difference between AI and chatbot?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots are vastly different concepts. AI is a technology that allows a computer, software, or a machine to mimic human-like intelligence. This technology learns from data and previous experiences to react in a human-like way. On the other hand, a chatbot is a more conversational program that facilitates automated conversations, usually through a text-based platform.

What is the difference between a chatbot and a virtual assistant?

A chatbot is programmed to answer the questions or the statements of users. If the questions asked do not match the queries the bots are programmed for, then human agents are forced to intervene. They cannot answer complex questions since they lack a solid foundation of natural language processing (NLP). On the other hand, virtual assistants use NLP to answer complex questions and perform daily tasks like setting alarms and reminders, making calls, and playing songs.

How can you create a customer support AI chatbot?

To create a customer service AI chatbot, you need to understand the opportunities for the chatbot, the goals and the requirements of the customers, and your business. Identify the questions that you feel your users will ask and integrate the same in your bots. Finally, create the bots using any of the frameworks and platforms such as Motion AI, Chattypeople, Beep Boop, Botsify, etc.

How do chatbots improve users' experience?

AI-chatbots provide 24/7, real-time interactions with your brand and give users relevant and accurate answers. Bots also act as a search engine of your website to allow people to quickly find the things they are looking for while learning more about your customers’ preferences. With a lot of data about your customers, your marketing team can create personalized experiences.

How can chatbots have better conversations?

In a globalized world where people visit your website 24/7, you need an online presence to promptly respond to visitors’ questions. For this, chatbots are deployed so that they can instantly resolve the customer’s problems, collect key data for sending personalized messages in the future, and provide real-time assistance to users looking for a particular thing online.